Monday, August 25, 2008

How about those wetlands?

While channel surfing to watch the media's seamless transition from Olympics coverage to sports reporting about politics I witnessed a truly astonishing moment. There, on Hanninny (lol) and Colmes, was Attila the Hun's apologist Mary Matalin tossing a toy football with the purple and gold colors of sweet old Louisiana. Matalin was in a giddy mood at the prospect of having dodged "the bitch" in the general election thanks to a Shakesperian turn by our doomed political Hamlet Barack Obama. "I know you're an LSU fan" Hanninny joked, then Matalin delivered a priceless pitch for our friends at the Save Our Wetlands project, mentioning the rate of erosion of Louisiana's coastline -- on FOX news! -- and playfully tossing the ball in the air. Hanninny eyed the missle like it was red kryptonite and changed the subject. But Matalin injected some realpolitik into the dizzying spin of election coverage and its presence was bloody raw. Neither side has given anything more than lip service to the systemic destruction of south Louisiana that is taking place right now. SAVE OUR WETLANDS!!! REBUILD NEW ORLEANS!!!

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