Friday, February 20, 2009

Supernatural Ball a Nat'chl Gas

Papa Mali's Supernatural Ball at Tipitina's Thursday night was a phenomenal success. Papa Mali and John Mooney played a great acoustic set to start things off and ended with a lengthy electric jam featuring members of Groovesect, the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble and bassist George Porter Jr. The Snake Ensemble, with New Orleans bassist Jimbo Walsh sitting in, tore it up fresh from parading with MUSES and reprising the tune they played during the parade, "Goldfinger." The whole Supernatural Ball was a lovefest for Snooks Eaglin. Rev. Goat Carson gave an invocation to him with Uganda playing congas, Glen David Andrews dropped by and turned the place upside down, getting the crowd to chant "Snooks...Snooks...Snooks" during his "When I die I want a second line" section of "Do Whatcha Wanna," and Chief Monk told the crowd about how Snooks was one of the people he listened to when he was coming up.

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