Monday, December 21, 2009

Frank Zappa's Birthday celebrated



Mayor Sheila Dixon issued a proclamation today declaring December 21, 2009, as "Frank Zappa Day" in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, Baltimore's Southeast Anchor Library has been designated as the installation site for a replica of the Vilnian bust of Frank Zappa, which will allow fans, residents, and visitors to pay tribute to him in the city of his birth. Vaulternative Records released Frank Zappa's 'Philly '76' today, a thrilling double CD concert recording.

Zappa was born in Baltimore on December 21, 1940.

For full text of the mayor's proclamation, please go to:


Clara said...

Hi John! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I still remember seeing Frank Zappa with you when I was 13 at the Palladium. He was very charismatic, don't you think? What a memory!

Love, Clara

PS Happy New Year-now you have to comment on my blog, which I have not provided a link to, in order to spare you the embarrassment.

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