Monday, March 8, 2010

OffBeat switches cover art

The March issue of OffBeat featured a cover line that has elicited anger, outrage and sorrow in and out of New Orleans. The reference was entirely inappropriate and cringeworthy, and fortunately the magazine has ordered another print run with a new cover. I write for OffBeat and although I have no input on cover art I'd like to add my apology to what I believe has been a genuine effort on the part of the staff to offer sincere contrition and try to move on. The future of New Orleans and the legitimate attempt to chronicle the ongoing importance of the city's music is at stake here. A stupid mistake should be recognized as such because anyone can make a mistake. The honest apology required has been offered and hopefully accepted. There is plenty of real hate speech out there; OffBeat is honestly not part of that.

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Davis Rogan said...

Is that going to make the original cover some kind of sick twisted collectors item?