Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain or rain at Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest has always brought a temporary influx of people to New Orleans from around the world, a pilgrimage that roughly doubles the city in size for the 11 days of the festival. Even if it's just for this small window of time, these people have adopted the city and consider it home. It's interesting to listen to the conversations, like the couple from Toronto I heard comparing notes with vistors from Colorado about dozens of local restaurants. They definitely knew what they were talking about. Now that Treme is showing how the magician does all his tricks everyone will be an expert on New Orleans. That can only help the city in the long run, and if you're a local and don't like the influx of tourists, you can sit home and listen to the festival on the radio, which is pretty cool, too.

Day One was a wonderful waterlogged world, although I can imagine some folks being a little upset that their ticket turned out to be for a water park more than a music festival. That's why they call it rain or shine.

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