Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Radiators get lifetime achievement award

It was an auspicious night at the Gambit Awards for the Radiators, who were the big winners at the show. In addition to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, the band won the award for Best Rock Band. Thanks for the feedback on my cover story on the Radiators in the current issue of OffBeat. Congrats to all those who fought so hard to make it the cover story.

You can read the story at www.offbeat.com

I have a book on New Orleans music coming out, New Atlantis, Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans. that has a lot of Radiators content. Here's a link to the publisher's blog.


Edna Gunderson wrote a lengthy piece on the recovery of New Orleans music in today's USA Today. The story includes some of my observations on the city's music.

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Good luck on your new book and hope your birthday was happy!

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