Monday, June 6, 2011

Zeke Speaks about Treme

Here's one of the interview sections I've withheld to avoid giving away information about the Radiators performing on Treme until the show aired.

Zeke actually wrote the song as he sings it... "I dreamed I saw Professor Longhair way up in the clouds..."

"I had the experience at the Jazz Fest the year after Fess passed away. I was pretty high and it was the middle of the day and I thought I saw Fess's face form in a cloud, you know, like the way people say they see the Virgin Mary in apparitions. I saw Fess in the clouds. Despite all the artificial substances I've taken over the years I've had very few visions. It was a very weird thing. I carried that image for years years and there's a book called Long Hard Journey Home. And while I was reading the book I thought of that image of Fess. I went from there and I started writing down the words. It was like he was urging the people who were still alive to keep on playing. He made the journey... and he was telling us it's a long hard joourney and the one thing that can really brighten the firmament is if people keep playing and singing it."