Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bon Jovi fans suck

So it was going to come to this. Jazz Fest was eventually going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg by insisting on expanding its audience past the point where the people care anything about New Orleans or the city's musical heritage. The fans who came out to see Bon Jovi on Saturday finally proved the point. Their were only interested in seeing their boy and watched Dr. John's warmup set with glazed animosity. One guy in the front spent much of the set vigorously giving the thumbs down to Dr. John: "Get off the stage!" Make way for Bon Jovi, right? What a joke! I guess we ought to be thankful that Mac wasn't showered with a steady chorus of boos or pelted with garbage. So I guess we'll move on to Ozzy or perhaps Metallica next year.


Anonymous said...

Well, that title was pretty mean.

A lot of Bon Jovi fans, who, by the way, had never even HEARD of Jazz Fest before Bon Jovi was announced as a headliner, instantly became fans of the other bands playing on the Acura Stage before Bon Jovi came on at 5 P.M.

I really enjoyed Zachary Richards, Buckwheat Zydeco, and Dr. John, and so did the many B J fans around me, who waited in the blistering hot sun all day in the standing room only section.

John Swenson said...

Point well taken and I apologize to those of you who did enjoy the Louisiana content. I was angered by the fans who only showed up to hear Bon Jovi.